Conferința Națională de Apologetică:


(cu Paul Copan, Kristi Mair,

Lucian Balanescu, Luke Cawley și alții)

Powered by Advance, Organized by Chrysolis Romania

22-25 Oct 2020, Tabăra Creștină Harghita

Advance is a hub for thinking faith. A place to ask your questions, to learn to better engage the ones your friends are asking, and to engage with the best thinking available on the topics you’re wrestling with. Check out the video above to catch a glimpse.

Advance usually happens on a small scale in a Bucharest coffee shop. But now we’re taking it national and throwing the doors open to people from around the country. We’ve invited some of our favourite apologetic thinkers and communicators, and we’re going to spend four days together with them in the lovely surroundings of Vlahita.

Places are strictly limited and so please book as soon as possible to make sure that you are with us.

Invitați confirmați


Professor of Philosophy & Ethics, Palm Beach University, Florida.

Author of numerous books, including “Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God”, “When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics”, and “Did God Really Command Genocide?”


Research Fellow,

Oak Hill College, London.

Author of “More Truth: Searching for Truth in an Uncertain World”, co-host of the Persuasive Evangelism Podcast, popular speaker at student outreach events.


Director of Chrysolis,

co-founder of Advance.

Author of “The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians & the Spiritual But Not Religious” and “Campus Lights: Students Living & Speaking for Jesus Around the World”.


New Projects Coordinator, Chrysolis,

Pastor, Biserica Bunavestire,

co-founder, Advance

Former COO of 648 Group, an IT company whose clients included Netflix, Samsung & Dell. Popular speaker among students.


Fill out the form below to reserve your place.

The cost of attending the conference is 440 RON for those in work, and 390 RON for students, licieni or for your spouse.

Youll need to pay an advance of 200 RON to reserve your place.

The clock is ticking….

Not long now until the National Apologetics Conference….


Structura conferinței

Textual Dialogues & Micro Dialogues

Paul Copan will walk us through the topic of “Reading the Old Testament Without Losing Your Faith”, then there will be a chance to put questions to him.

This will be followed by a coffee break and discussion in small groups.

Meso Dialogues & Unique Dialogues

Before lunch you can join an interactive seminar track on one of five different topics.

In the afternoon there will be free time and activities for you to just chill out, and get to know others better.

Then, before dinner, you can choose from one of five different interactive apologetic seminar topics.

Life Dialogues

Each evening we’ll talk vision; what does it mean to have a thinking faith in Romania today; one which is confident, culturally-engaged and yet comfortable with doubt.

And how do we personally live it out?

Current Draft Program

(subject to adjustment)

Joi  19:00 PM 

Registration, Coffee & Conect

Joi  20:00 PM 

Life Dialogue: Lucian Balanescu

“A Vision for Thinking Faith in Romania”

Vineri  09:30 AM 

Textual Dialogue I: Paul Copan

“Textual Dialogues: Reading the Old Testament Without Losing Your Faith (Part I)”

Vineri  10:45 AM 

Micro Dialogues I

A chance to talk over big questions, and what we’ve heard so far, in a more intimate setting, as well as to get to know others.

Vineri  11:45 AM 

Meso Dialogues I: Paul Copan, Kristi Mair, Luke Cawley, & Lucian Balanescu

Explore a topic more in-depth over the course of a two-day seminar track. Currently planned topics include:

  • “Public Dialogues: An Introduction to Apologetic Speaking”
  • “Personal Dialogues: Using Questions in Conversational Apologetics”
  • “Internal Dialogues: Doubts and How to Deal with Them”
  • “Cultural Dialogues: Church History & Apologetic Questions”
  • “Persuasive Dialogues: How To Make a Convincing Argument”

Vineri  16:30 PM 

Unique Dialogues: Various Speakers

Choose from a range of interactive seminars, which are currently scheduled to include:

  • “Online Dialogues: Facebook & Christian Communication”
  • “Contemporary Dialogues: Communicating Jesus in a Post-Truth World”
  • “Extraordinary Dialogues: Engaging the Question of Miracles”
  • “Painful Dialogues: Responding to the Problem of Suffering”
  • “Prepared Dialogues: A Discussion of a Book”

Vineri  20:00 PM 

Life Dialogue II: Kristi Mair

“Doing Apologetics Like Jesus”

Sambata  09:30 AM 

Textual Dialogue II: Paul Copan

“Textual Dialogues: Reading the Old Testament Without Losing Your Faith (Part II)”

Sambata  10:45 AM 

Micro Dialogues II

Small groups continue….

Sambata  11:45 PM 

Meso Dialogues II: Paul Copan, Kristi Mair, Luke Cawley, & Lucian Balanescu

A continuation of the previous day’s seminar track topics.

Sambata  17:00 PM 

Unique Dialogue: Various Speakers

Choose from a range of interactive seminars, which are currently sceduled to include:

  • Relativistic Dialogues: Engaging Pluralism & Pluralists
  • Religious Dialogues: Engaging the Committed Orthodox?
  • Local Dialogues: Start Your Own Advance (or something like it)
  • Invitational Dialogues: Creating Events to Engage Friends
  • Perplexing Dialogues: Can We Be Happy & Good Without God?

Sambata  20:00 PM 

Life Dialogue III: Luke Cawley

“How to Change a Culture”

Duminica  09:30 AM 

Textual Dialogue III: Paul Copan

“Textual Dialogues: Reading the Old Testament Without Losing Your Faith (Part III)”

Duminica  10:45 AM 

Micro Dialogues III

Our final time in small groups.

Duminica  11:45 PM 

Life Dialogue IV: Lucian Balanescu

“Taking This Back Home”


Tabăra Creștină Harghita


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